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Sales Planning Builds Profits.

by: Perry Powell

For the last three issues, we have been examining the impact of adopting neuro-marketing concepts to selling car washes. In the last article, we discussed how to communicate the different stimuli to the old brain, that humans respond to while making buying decisions. We discussed why car wash buyers are like Crocs. After understanding those stimuli the Old Brain can process, we must also determine how to effectively communicate the desired stimuli to the consumer’s Old Brain. Now we have to decide what to say!

Planning the sale you want to make.

If your facility is running a lower dollar amount than you wish to achieve, it is necessary to plan for a different result. Most car washes hire salesmen for their sales talent and become dependent on them to deliver the goods. Too many times, the best become uncontrollable gunslingers, and become the tail that wags the dog.

Instead of this “Throw enough mud against the wall and some will stick” approach, a better way is to carefully plan the sales conversation, where the initial offer to customers, exceed the desired average result. If the amount of your initial proffer to the consumer does not exceed the average ticket which you are trying to achieve, you are not likely to meet the numbers you desire. This planning approach will help the wash achieve it's new target number.

The concentration on individual delivery, while using neuro-marketing, has helped some wash owners achieve record profits, in the middle of a recession driven reduction in car volume.

Use of standardized sales conversations

Creating an environment which allows anyone with the correct personality to compete at the top sales level, is beneficial in hiring, as a larger number of these individuals are available, for hire, than the uncontrollable gunslinger.

The answer is a standardized sales conversation. Use of standardized sales conversations will bring stability to the sales staff of a car wash and will reduce training time needed to get a new hire to the point of competency.

Again, the standardized approach will help the facility hit a target average ticket, but will also bring parody in the results of all sales persons.

The benefits to a standardized sales conversation.

Planning a sales conversation is a legitimate advertising method. The properly designed sales conversation will result in improved sales through the repeated reinforcement of the product to consumers.

Consumers, over time, will become comfortable with a standardized sales approach and will buy into the core message through repetitive exposure. This will result in increased customer participation in your core sales offering.

One customer of a wash using this method stated, “I like the new sales approach, it helps me decide what is best for my car.”

Many customers begin to develop a new habit of pulling up and automatically ordering the package normally suggested by the sales staff. Since neuro-marketing was used to achieve the result, most customers leave extremely happy with their purchase; so long as the car is actually clean.

Sales Planning as advertising.

Planning your sales and using a conversation is FREE advertising. The consumer is on your drive and captive to your message. What a perfect time to communicate the best you have to offer! In a difficult economic time, FREE advertising is better.

If you need to pump up your revenues and profits NOW, neuro-marketing is the answer.

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