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Communicating with Crocodiles

By: Perry Powell

For the last two issues we have been examining the impact of adopting neuro-marketing concepts to selling car washes. In the last article we discussed the different stimuli that humans respond to while making buying decisions. We discussed why car wash buyers are like Crocs. After understanding those stimuli the Old Brain can process, we must also determine how to effectively communicate the desired stimuli to the consumer’s Old Brain.

According to, we can effectively communicate these stimuli in the following four steps:

A) Diagnose the Pain

Your prospect’s Old Brain is self-centered. It pays attention only to its own selfish needs and benefits. It is not your product or service that is important; it’s what it can do to relieve their pain.

B) Differentiate Your Claims

Your prospect’s Old Brain needs contrast: Your claims allow the Old Brain to quickly contrast your offers with those of your competitors.

C) Demonstrate the Gain

The Old Brain is concrete. It needs hard evidence of your value to decide in your favor. If your benefits are greater than your cost, your customers are foolish not to buy. But it doesn’t always work that way. Why? Because the Old Brain is skeptical. It needs concrete evidence before it can commit to a decision. This means that rather than talking about the value, you need to prove it. Selling to the Old Brain is a game of gain!

D) Deliver to the Old Brain

The Old Brain loves things that are emotional and visual. Grab attention early — say it with pictures and pack your message with lots of emotion.

Plan the Sale You Want to Make!

Sales do not happen by accident! If your wash is currently performing at one average ticket price and you want to go to a higher price per ticket, you must have a plan to get there. Relying on anything less than good planning and follow through, is poor business. The question is, how does one get to the average ticket one wishes?

The answer: plan a sales cycle designed to get you there.

Your comprehensive sales plan must consider how the consumer will hear, receive and respond to your value proposition. This style of marketing is known as neuro-marketing. By making value propositions, in ways consumers can receive the information, without offense, businesses will win higher dollars from their clients.

Consumers want an honest, straight forward approach to sales communication, and they want great service for a great price. An important thing to remember about the washing public, is that they are not car wash owners. They do not understand industry language. All marketing communications must be approached from an uninformed prospective, using language an industry outsider will understand.

Higher sales averages are possible if the path to higher averages is carefully planned. If the current ticket average is to be moved higher, a plan must be developed which will achieve that objective.

Consistently offering multi-layered purchasing opportunities to customers, will improve revenues.

Consistently presenting more than one product, on each visit will improve the odds that more dollars per car will be earned. Planning profitable, less labor intensive, products which are offered after the wash products, are necessary to improve dollars per car.

Re-considering everything from the street signs, to the conversations sales people have with clients, will help us reach our sales objectives, while preserving our wash customers. Utilizing the neuro-marketing edge will assist us in client communications while improving sales.

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