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Crocodiles and Car Wash Clients.

By: Perry Powell

According to, the founders of the neuro-marketing concept, your car wash clients have more in common with a crocodile than they ever want to know. All you need to know to sell anything to humans is that most of them, make decisions to purchase with the part of the human brain which is like that of a crocodile. It is called the old brain.

Want to know how to sell high ticket car washes, to those crocs driving into your site, and make them like it? Easy, use neuro-marketing!

Salesbrain says the following six stimulus are how we humans process buying decisions. How they are applied best to car wash clients follow each stimuli. (Author's comments.)

1. The 'Old Brain' is Self-Centered:

The 'Old Brain' is a very self-centered entity and general considerations about others do not reach it. Think of the 'Old Brain' as the center of ME. Do not assume that it has any patience or empathy for anything that does not immediately concern its survival and well-being.

In this recession, consumers are more in tune with their own needs than anytime in recent history. News stories discussing the issues on economy and bailouts are rampant. This is a time when client communications must consider the self interest position of consumers.

Communicating Value is the best way to sell in a down environment.

2. The 'Old Brain' Seeks Contrast

Before/after, with/without, slow/fast all allow the Old Brain to decide. Contrast is a safe decision engine. It allows the 'Old Brain' to make quick and safe decisions. Without contrast, the 'Old Brain' enters a state of confusion, which ultimately results in delaying decision.

Wash customers must be able to distinguish clearly the contrast between your wash offerings. Difficult to understand menus or offerings will result in mistrust on the part of the decision maker. The best presentation will clearly state all the terms and conditions, up front with nothing hidden.

3. The 'Old Brain' is Tangible

Numbers work for the New Brain, but the 'Old Brain' won't decide based on numbers alone! The 'Old Brain' is constantly scanning for what is familiar and friendly, what can be recognized quickly, what is tangible and immutable. The 'Old Brain' cannot process concepts like ''flexible solution'', ''integrated approach'', or ''scalable architecture'' without efforts and doubts.

“Keep it simple, stupid!” Nothing complex. Break down presentations into small blocks and steps to allow for the grasp of one concept at the time. Ask for small decisions and small commitments from your prospective consumer.

4. The 'Old Brain' Remembers Beginning and End

The 'Old Brain' forgets most everything in the middle. This short attention span has huge implications for those attempting to construct and deliver powerful messages. Placing the most important content at the beginning is a must, and repeating it at the end an imperative. Keep in mind that anything you say in the middle of your delivery will be mostly overlooked.

Since most consumers are in it for themselves, they must understand from the beginning that anything which follows is good for them. Much like a writer must catch the attention with the opening statement of any article, so must sales presentations grab and maintain most consumers by their selfish natures.

5. The 'Old Brain' is Visual

The 'Old Brain' is visual. Neuroscience demonstrates, that when you see something that looks like a snake, your 'Old Brain' warns you instantly of danger so that you react even before the New Brain physically recognizes, it's a snake. This implies that visual processing, enters the 'Old Brain' first, which can lead to very fast and effective connection to the true decision-maker.

Sales materials must be great looking, easy to read and communicate with precision. The concepts must be simple and clean. Type faces easy to read. Don't feed the client more information than they need. Keep it simple. Making the correct appeal to the consumer, will aid in the selection of items we wish them to purchase.

6. The 'Old Brain' Responds to Emotion

The 'Old Brain' is strongly triggered by emotions. Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that emotional cocktails'- create chemical reactions that directly impact the way information is memorized and processed by the 'Old Brain'.

Sales presentations must be upbeat and low pressure. They must be designed to create a feeling of trust and warmth. Consumers must be made to feel ownership and kinship with the business. Employees must look and speak in warm and trustworthy tones , while conveying friendship to Wash clients.

Neuro-marketing appeals to consumers in the most basic and honest ways. And it works!

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