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Put Some Brains in Your Wash Sales. Part 1.

By: Perry Powell

The Car Wash Economy Stinks!

Well it does! This election cycle has been economically disastrous. First, politicos told us how awful the recession was 6 to 9 months before it was a reality. Then gas went to $4.00 per gallon. Then a 700 billion dollar bail out!

Meanwhile, back at the car wash, if we forgot to turn the television off the news channel, clients were pumped full of more bad news while washing their cars. Not very smart, since it might motivate clients to consider car washing a luxury they can live without. Argh!

Now is the time for owners to take charge of their own business economy and start ringing the cash register. I cannot remember the last time an owner, with a wash more than a year old, told me his car count was up. If your count is up for the year, STOP READING THIS ARTICLE. We are trying to heal the sick!

I find that a large part of the economic woes of most car washes is the attitude of the owner! Not the owner's fault, he invested all that money and effort opening a business and then the hiring issues begin, the excitement begins to wane, and the level of expectation takes a nose dive. What's next? Depression!

Take your Business Back!

Wake up people! You own the wash! Why let your future be determined by employees who will be long gone when you are picking yourself up from a failing business. If anyones standards should be under stress it is the employee's, not the owner.

Turn over a new leaf. Start all over tomorrow! Get back in the fight and win! Don't let process employees point the finger at the sales team and say it is the stupid salesman you hired who is causing all our problems, and don't let the salesman control your cash and profits. No more of the tail wagging the dog!

Losing the Sales Stupids!

I am astonished when I visit car washes and listen to the sales approach of ticket writers. Ouch!

Who trained these people? It is like sales people are from Mars and our clients are from Venus. These ticket writers are glorified order takers who want to be sales people. When you introduce the concept of actually selling to them they revolt. If you try to introduce an order taking process which will work, EUREKA!, they want to be sales people.

Only Two Ways to Make More Money Washing Cars.

Not rocket science. 1) Put more cars on the site. 2) Get more money from the cars already on the site.

Now, of those two options, which do you think is easier? Your right. Start with the cars already on the site. Start where you are with what you have. Become a lean effective selling machine.

Crocodiles and Car Wash Clients.

According to, the of the neuro-marketing concept, your car wash clients have more in common with a crocodile than they ever want to know. All you need to know to sell anything to humans is that they make decisions to purchase with the part of the human brain which is like that of a crocodile. It is called the old brain.

Want to know how to sell high ticket car washes, to those crocs driving into your site, and make them like it? Easy, use neuro-marketing!

Jedi-Mind Tricks.

“You want to buy the best wash and the extra $40 detail today!” “I want to buy the best wash and the extra $40 detail today!” Seriously! You have the force of knowledge at your disposal and can change the course of your sales future.

Ever have your spouse say, “it's not what you say it's how you say it?” The same is true with clients. If our sales conversation puts the client in a posture of resistance we find that we are having to fight for any extra sale we can get.

Neuro-marketing relieves that stressful negotiating cycle and actually solicits the co-operation of the client in the sales process. You can actually see the client's heads moving up and down as they agree to purchase your services. And for more dollars!

Tame the Brain.

Owners using this sales method, with the appropriate accompanying sales tools, have seen a tremendous improvement in profits in this downturn while experiencing lower car counts. Stay tuned for future articles which will delve further into this remarkable sales tool.

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