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Neuro-marketing should begin with the value proposition of the street and building signs and continue through the menus, sales conversations and any sales pieces used by ticket writers. Strategic planning in order to achieve our business objectives, will help us develop tactics to meet our goals. Random discounting without purpose will not help strategically. Use of neuro-marketing concepts will help assure success.

The neuro-marketing sales conversation.

After visiting car washes around the country and listening to ticket writers, many with many years experience, it is easy to see that by some unknown process, they all make the same basic appeal to consumers, and all sales conversations are alike, almost verbatim!

This seems to be the case even when the owner's pride themselves on the efforts, which have been made, to counter normal sales issues. There seems to be a quagmire, in how to sell both washes and detailing, which all ticket writers reach and stay. Most ticket writers become a sort of advanced order taker, not much real up selling goes on. Complaints of overly aggressively and pushy sales are the usual result from this condition. The fact that ticket writers may be considered successful does not mean they cannot be improved.

One way to create a great and consistent salesman, is to create a neuro-marketing sales conversation. This approach will usually meet with some resistance from your current ticket writers, but the investment in this direction will be worth the aggravation.

One owner, with five locations, introducing the neuro-marketing approach, had a good result. With nine ticket writers, the revolt against the new system was minor, but a couple of the ticket writers had to be replaced. Complaints of overly aggressive sales tactics, were reduced from 30 per week to zero, where it has remained. Sales of the top wash have doubled, and detailing is being proposed in a systematic way, while an assurance plan appeals to 3 day frequency.

The Use Of Hand Sales Pieces.

Hand sale pieces will not only keep ticket writers on track, but if correctly designed, will use neuro-marketing to make the best value appeal to the consumer. A correctly designed piece will reinforce the consistency needed for a highly repetitive sales presentation. Clients see the offer while they hear it. Consistently making the appeal that is in the best interest of the consumer and the wash, will improve the odds of a higher ticket average.

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